Marijuana Legalized in Massachusetts

RIP Marijuana Prohibition in Massachusetts (1911-2016).

Name: Marijuana Prohibition in Massachusetts
Date of Death: November 8, 2016
Date of Burial: December 15, 2016
Cause of Death: Common sense and the will of the people

Summary of Life:
Marijuana prohibition was a total failure and led to the imprisonment of non-violent people, especially minorities.

Family Members: Marijuana prohibition in Massachusetts is unfortunately survived by its siblings in 42 other states. We’re hoping that their lives are short lived.

How can I help? In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, or Students for Sensible Drug Policy so that all of America can end the failure that is marijuana prohibition.

How can I celebrate? Funeral celebrations can be public as long as marijuana is not smoked in a public place. If you want to celebrate the funeral by planting, remember that the maximum is 6 plants per person and 12 plants per household.

It’s official. Marijuana prohibition is over. Now we can make this into a regulated and safe industry that doesn’t target minorities.

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