Instead of the random Facebook political commentary and sharing my experiences and thoughts on that platform, I decided to create a blog as a medium to combine all of these reflections and thoughts in one place. I’m currently working on “A Week on the Border” which details my experience living on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Through reflections, narratives, photos, and videos, I will attempt to spread what I learned there. While the raw emotion cannot be captured, I will do my best to spread the message of love and determination to give faces to the unfortunate problems in the border area. While it will be impossible to replicate looking into a man’s eyes and seeing tears rolling down his face as he details his journey to find his family, I will use all artistic means possible to do it justice. So prepare for the story, the experience, that truly changed my life. It’s incredible.

“A Week on the Border”- coming soon


American Exceptionalism

American exceptionalism is about leading the way in search of freedom and prosperity, and calling on the rest of the world to join us in the common cause for justice and a sustainable and improving international community. American exceptionalism is not about undermining democratic systems and the rights of other sovereign nations in order to boost American success while diminishing the possibility of success for developing nations. America needs to be a global leader that leads the way with a beacon of hope and freedom, not a superpower that abuses its power over less powerful countries to solely advance its own interests, and not the common interests of the human race.