Trump is Wrong to End Michelle Obama’s Girls Education Program

I have linked my friend Sara’s article at the bottom. The text below includes some of my thoughts.


As some of you know, I aspire to be a diplomat for the US State Department. Over the past few years, I have become more and more interested in being a diplomat in Africa with my primary focus being empowering women through education and achieving gender equality. Most of the problems in Africa are not as purely economic or material as they seem, but rather consequences of a society where half of the population’s knowledge, talents, and possible contributions are disregarded solely due to their sex. I am disappointed with the Trump administration for ending this more than worthy program. As the leading nation of the free world, we should be a shining example of gender equality, and thus promote female education programs around the world.

Source: Trump is Wrong to End Michelle Obama’s Girls’ Education Program

One thought on “Trump is Wrong to End Michelle Obama’s Girls Education Program

  1. Mike,

    Interesting blog.

    I agree with the decision to end the program. Whatever positions one takes on policy matters, they must be guided by an overarching principle regarding the nature of a free society because we cannot accept the idea that if something can be construed as being beneficial for the population at large and yet deprived others of their fundamental liberties, that it is an acceptable policy. If that were the case, then individuals possess no fundamental rights except those which we collectively decide to give them. So, once you appreciate that individuals possess fundamental rights, you recognize that the only way to organize a free society is to do so in a manner which does not impede upon them, provided that the exercise of them does not directly impede upon those of others. Hence, government in a free society must be responsible for performing those tasks which cannot be performed by a free people in tge exercise of their liberties through the free exchange of ideas, goods and services. In this case, the program does not pass muster because to implement it is simply to choose a voluntary activity of a free people which satisfies the moral proclivities of some, who instead of implementing it themselves with their own wealth and resources are using government to mandate others to do so with theirs. That is not the way to build a free society and so the policy should be rejected.


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